TRANSFORMERS Generations Selects Artfire VS United Artfire – Versus Review

We’re putting the Transformers Generations Selects Artfire exclusive with Nightstick up against the Transformers United Artfire with Nightstick and Sparks in this versus review! Captain Kyle goes through each figure and their Targetmaster companions to show you what you need to know to figure out which Autobot is best!

The original G1 Artfire was a Japanese exclusive that was based on the G1 Inferno mold and given a Targetmaster partner named Nightstick, which is actually identical to Targetmaster Scourge’s partner, Fracas. Unfortunately, a reissue of the original G1 was never produced, though had the Commemorative Line continued, he was on the “short-list” of figures planned.

The Transformers United Artfire was a mail-away figure modeled after Classics Inferno, but given Classics Grapple’s hook attachment. He came with two Targetmasters. Nightstick was a redeco of Universe Nightstick and Sparks was a redeco of Power Core Combiners Pinpoint.

The Generations Selects Artfire is a redeco of Kingdom Inferno partnered with a redeco of Siege Firedrive, named Nightstick (appropriately). He also comes with the hand nozzle and gun identical to Earthrise Grapple’s and the shoulder hose and hose attachments from Inferno.

To get the Generations Selects Artfire, try:

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To find the Transformers United Artfire, check eBay with this link:

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