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We have known for some time that Disney/Marvel will introduce its version of the Fantastic Four to the MCU. The super team of four will play integral roles in the MCU’s Phase 4. Many have already speculated that the Avenger’s Tower was purchased to become the new Baxter Building.

Speculation aside, we still do not know who will be playing the Fantastic Four. In addition, we also don’t know if their main advisory, Doctor Doom, will be included in their debut film.

As a big fan of Marvel and the F4, I decided to cast them myself. That’s right; this is another Dream Fancast. I’ll share my picks for each pivotal role and why I think they are perfect. Remember, this is only a fancast! I do not have any insider information on Disney’s casting.

Reed Richards/Mister Fantastic – Josh Hartnett 

Josh Hartnett does not get the flowers he deserves for being a good actor! It’s about time someone gives him a starring role as a superhero. Hartnett can bring the duality of Reed Richards, a genius who struggles with perfectionism and obsession. He is also a total dreamboat, and we need our Reed Richards to be hot enough to pull Susan Storm. Josh Hartnett also has the acting chops to pull off a character who has the potential to be the next leader of the Avengers. Could you imagine Hartnett’s Reed Richards talking science with Bruce Banner and Shuri?  I can.

Susan Storm/ Invisible Woman – Dianna Agron 

This casting may seem out of the left-field, especially when there are already rumors that Jennifer Lawerence has been selected for the role. But, those are rumors, and this is a fancast, so it doesn’t matter. Sue Storm is not only known for her beauty, but she is a brilliant scientist, wildly independent, and compassionate. As a member of the Fantastic Four, she often has to put the boys in check. Dianna Agron has proven to be a versatile actress who can go from one emotion to the next in a natural way. And that’s just her role on Glee. She may have been out of the spotlight for some time, but Agron has what it takes to make the Invisible Woman stand out.

Johnny Storm/Human Torch – Dave Franco

The Human Torch is often the first person thinks of when they think of the F4. He does have an amazing catchphrase-“Flame on!” He is also the jokester and pretty boy of the team. Do you think they will refer to him as a “fuckboi” in the modern version?  The person playing Johnny Storm has to be extremely likable, making Dave Franco perfect for the role. Dave Franco is always a scene-stealer in every film he is in. He was a breakout star in Now You See, and Now You See Me 2.  Franco has a talent for being funny without going over the top. Plus, when it’s time to get serious, he delivers those emotions with ease.  We are going to need someone like Dave Franco in the MCU to elevate group scenes. Plus, Peter Parker could use an age-appropriate friend in the Avengers.

Ben Grimm/The Thing – Randy Couture

I know many fans are hoping that John Cena will cast this role. I think those people are wrong. Ben Grimm isn’t known for his comedic skill, his humor is dry, and that’s to mask the pain he feels inside about his outside. Cena is far too extroverted to play the part. Just look at his role as Peacemaker.  Fans are correct that we need a big man for the job, so I suggest former UFC Champion Randy Couture. Randy has done some acting before. Most of the roles are action films, which he’s going to need to play the group’s muscle man. I’m sure they are going to make him fight Hulk somewhere in Phase 4. Underneath all rocks is a man with a tortured heart. Ben Grimm constantly struggles to accept his new reality and harbors resentment towards his friends for taking him on that trip that changed his life. While Randy Couture never became a large rock monster, he did have a long battle with addiction.  Couture can pull from his personal experience to give The Thing that human element.

Victor Von Doom/Doctor Doom – Michael Shannon

Let me be completely honest with everyone: I’m basically a living Michael Shannon stan account.  He is a riveting actor and often is the best part of a bad movie. *cough* Knives Out *cough* Michael Shannon has played a cornucopia of roles, but boy does he play a bad guy like no one else! Shannon takes villains to the next level and, at times, makes them likable. That is Doctor Doom! Doom is the villain you love to hate. And, yet he also manages to still scare the pants off the Avengers and us. Michael Shannon did a great job as Zod in Man of Steel, but Doctor Doom was the role he was born to play.

That is my dream fancast for the MCU’s Fantastic 4. Now tell me who you would cast? Do you agree with my choices? Let’s discuss it in the comments below and online via our social media.

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