The Best Defense is a Sjolid Defense – Skjoldur Story

Pixel graphic games in our current times can be a work of art, and the newly released Skjoldur Story is a prime example of this. This gorgeous game is a self-described Zelda-Lite adventure harkening back to the original Legend of Zelda on the NES.

A beautiful world with a non-linear approach to adventure is not all that awaits you in this pastel paradise. The game features puzzles, physical obstacles, various difficulties, and tons of secret areas and minigames.

The prize point of the game though is your primary weapon. In many games like Skjolder, you have a sword or spear, a traditional weapon. In Skjolder Story you take on foes with your shield. So you can Cjaptain Amjerica the enemies with your best defense.

Skjolder Story is out NOW, pick it up on Steam where it’s on sale until May the 7th. I’m picking it up right now to play and relax this weekend in a colorful, creatively crafted throwback world!

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