M.A.C. Cosmetics Released a SIMS Collection…We Have Questions.

International makeup brand M.A.C. Cosmetics released their eyeshadow palette collab with an equally famous video game, The Sims. Despite seeming like an odd pairing, fans, including me, were excited. Campaign images created an expectation for a colorful collab.

The imagery showcases bright and bold colors, which the game and M.A.C. themselves are known for. However, what was released is anything but colorful.
The SIMS Eye Shadow x 9 is “an online-only, limited-edition eye shadow x 9 palette, featuring shimmering smoky brown shades and an exclusive the sims design.” The limited-edition palette cost $32.00. The eyeshadows in the palette are not new shades created for the collaboration, but existing shades selected to give you that “sims” look.

The only “SIMS” imagery is on the unicarton aka the cardboard box it comes in.

M.A.C. what is this? This is not the first time video games and makeup have collided. Wet n Wild Beauty created a PAC-Man collection over a year ago and makeup subscription service, IPSY, created a collection based on the game Tetris.  

This collection in theory should have worked. The SIMS is about allowing players to create a truly custom gaming experience. You can control virtually every aspect, including your character’s look. Makeup is also about creating a custom look tailored to one’s unique style. So how they came up with a neutral-toned palette is beyond me!

And it’s not just me who is left scratching my head. Fans voiced their opinions on the popular new Instagram account, Trendmood.


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Here are my favorite comments: 

I’m sorry…what? What about this is The Sims LMFAO.

I saw the packaging and gasped bc a sims collection is exciting… then I looked at the color selection. :/ mac, you were so close

MAC really said use the sims for clout 😭

is this a joke

That’s what we all want to know barbiebaby525, is this a joke?

M.A.C. Cosmetics has done some amazing fandom collections with Disney, Star Trek, and Archie comics.  What happened here? Was this a last-minute collection? Did COVID-19 cause setbacks in design? How did this get approved by the team at SIMS?

If the trend of gaming and makeup working together continues, we hope they will follow the examples of Wet n Wild and IPSY, and not M.A.C.?

What do you think about this eyeshadow palette? Will you be buying it? Let us know in the comments and on social media.

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