Fandom Spotlite Shares Their Favorite Women in Fandom for International Women’s Day!

International Women’s Day is a global holiday celebrated annually on March 8 to commemorate the cultural, political, and socioeconomic achievements of women. Here at Fandom Spotlite, we thought it would be fun to also celebrate women in pop culture alongside all of the amazing women who inspire us in our everyday lives.


Joseph’s Pick – Jessica Fletcher (Murder She Wrote)

English teacher turned mystery novelist and part-time crimefighter. Jessica has had a storied and amazing life, but to spend her retirement solving murders, going so far as to risk her own safety to confront and catch killers? That’s hardcore.  She’s hobnobbed with countless homicide detectives (showing them how to do their job each time,) art thieves, international spies, hard-boiled private-eyes, world leaders, and various other movers and shakers in the world, but still solves crimes, progresses peoples opinions on society, has time for family, and does so while holding down a masterful writing career.

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Yali’s Pick – Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City)

I knew since I was little that I wanted to be a writer! Carrie was the first woman I saw who was a writer and was beautiful. I always got teased that writers were ugly and frumpy. Carrie was anything but those things. She lived fabulously and people respected her and her writing. I knew then I could be a writer and be glamorous. That people would respect me if I fine-tuned my craft the way she did. My goal is to be the Nerdy Carrie Bradshaw.


Captain Kyle’s Pick – Honor Harrington (Honorverse)

Honor Harrington

My favorite badass lady isn’t from any TV show or movie. It’s from a series of books and it’s the incomparable Honor Harrington. As the main character of David Weber’s fantastic military science fiction series, she has risen through the ranks and won against incredible odds against foes that make Emperor Palpatine look like a schoolyard bully. From her days commanding a single ship to becoming an Admiral and Steadholder, we have watched her journey as she dealt with heartache, suffering, and the worst the universe could throw at her to still triumph in the end. If you haven’t read this series, check it out here: – start with On Basilisk Station, and don’t look back. The Honorverse awaits.

Rachel’s Pick – Uhura (Star Trek)

LOS ANGELES – NOVEMBER 17: Nichelle Nichols as Uhura in the STAR TREK episode, “Journey to Babel.” Season 2, episode 10 originally broadcast November 17, 1967. (Photo by CBS via Getty Images)
Lt. Uhura is such a legendary and history-making character from the Star Trek universe. Her presence is very powerful and meaningful to me as a Black woman and she was one of the first Black characters to be portrayed in a major role on an American television series. Uhura played an important role as the translator and communications officer of the U.S.S. Enterprise. I love her quick wit, fast-thinking, and brilliance on screen. She can hold her own among her own the rest of the crew. Her character is a powerful force to be reckoned with and an inspiration to young Black girls everywhere.

Scott’s Pick – Buffy Summers (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Once in a generation… Buffy The Vampire Slayer blasted onto the small screen in the 90s, bringing us one of the most badass characters of all time in Buffy Summers. The show is one of my all-time favorites and the characters within left their mark on television history. Although Buffy was a force of nature, hunting down the forces of darkness and preventing several apocalyptic events, she was also vulnerable and faced issues we all face in our lives. Sarah Michelle Gellar played the character to perfection, bringing us an iconic character that put the focus on a strong female lead. A special mention goes out to Buffy’s rival/ally, Faith – played brilliantly by Eliza Dushku – who was a complex and layered foe who brought us a truly compelling adversary to root for, or against, depending on your taste. Nearly twenty years later and I’m still eagerly awaiting the reboot!

Jaz’s Pick – Peggy Carter ( Captain America / Marvel)

There are a lot of AMAZING women within the Marvel Universe. Natasha Romanoff, Valkyrie, Okoye, Mystique (to name a few) But my pick goes to Peggy Carter in the MCU. This woman does not nearly get enough credit in the MCU fandom. Many only think of her as the love interest to Steve Rogers. But Margaret Elizabeth Carter is no slouch! She herself went through quite the journey in her own life outside of her ties to our first Captain America.  From a code-breaker to an agent for the SSR  to the cofounder of S.H.I.E.L.D. During a time when it was believed that women should only be seen and not heard, Peggy Carter made a name for herself while tearing down many walls and barriers for women at the same time.  Ms. Carter was always feminine and had a grace about her while still able to stand toe to toe with the boys. And I am so happy that the MCU seems to be finally giving our favorite girl her time to truly shine.

Bendy’s Pick: Dr. Alexa Wood (Alien / Predator)

When we think of the alien franchise we either see Miss Sigourney Weaver as the worst baddie (outside Sarah Connor let’s be real here she is also a top dog) or Winona Ryder as a strange manic pixie milk droid. But the real Queen of the Franchise is Dr. Alexa Woods, from the film Alien (and Predator) fans would soon rather forget: AVP: Alien vs. Predator (2004) 

I mean look at this baddie! Fought her way out of a Pyramid hidden thousands of miles beneath ICE with a Xenomorph head as a shield and tail as a spear. She killed not one but TWO drones and aided in the defeat of the Xeno Queen by pulling up on her and going for the THROAT. All of this earned her the Mark of the Warrior, meaning she is a Blooded warrior among the Yautja species.

She did that. For the culture no less! 

Yes. A Black Woman is the highest respected human being by PREDATOR. Their Clan Elder even gifted upon her a sacred retractable spear, used to hunt and kill countless Xenomorphs. A human no longer prey, but an ally and member of their warrior clan.

Here’s why she’s my personal choice for the badass of any fandom. Dr. Alexa “Lex” Woods was minding her own business as an Environmental Technician, Exploration Guide, Survivalist, youngest Black woman to climb Mount Everest without Oxygen, and thanks to a bunch of fools who couldn’t follow three simple rules ended up the SOLE survivor of a failed Antarctica Expedition to gain eternal life or some nonsense for some rich white guy (I honestly straight up ignore this plotline).

Why was she the sole survivor? ‘Cause Lex is smart, tactful, calm under pressure, and she takes no shit from any of the mercs who try to mansplain or demean her through the entire film. 

The biggest reason, however, is that she, unlike many men who have come to know the mighty Yautja AKA Predator before her, gained the respect and honor to fight alongside a Yautja as equal



That completes our list of our favorite women in Fandom! Who is your favorite Fandom Woman? Tell us in the comments below and online!

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