Fandom & Beauty: 5 More Fandom Makeup Collabs!

The beauty industry and nerd culture are both billion-dollar enterprises. So, combining the two seems like a no-brainer. Here are 5 recent fandom makeup collaborations to check out!

Beauty & Old Hollywood – Besame Cosmetics x Marilyn Monroe

There are some legends who are synonymous with beauty. Screen Icon Marilyn Monroe may be at the top of everyone’s list. Besame Cosmetics has created a collection inspired by the legendary actress. The Marilyn Monroe collection includes a Girl’s Best Friend Mascara, Misty Coral Lipstick, Carnation Red Lipstick, Red Hot Red Lipstick, 2 Lip Liner Pencils, 2 Eyeliner Pencils, Rose Red Gloss, Champagne Gloss, White Cream Highlight, an Eyeshadow Quad, False Eyelashes, and a Pencil Sharpner. You can buy the entire collection for $245 or in smaller sets.

Beauty In A Pineapple Under the Sea – Wet N Wild x Spongebob Squarepants

Fandom makeupOOOH who wants to look sensational under the sea? And sparkle on land with no pores to be seen! You do! Wet n Wild Beauty has teamed up with everyone’s favorite sponge to bring you your summer look. Wet n Wild x Spongebob Squarepants will give you a summer glow with a primer spray, setting spray, eyeshadow palette, highlighter, and a variety of sponges, brushes, and brush cleaners. Besides purchasing on Wet n Wild’s website you can purchase the collection from Ulta and Amazon.

Beauty & Disney – Revolution Beauty x Aristocats 

Everybody wants to be a cat! Revolution Beauty’s Aristocats collection combines one of Disney’s classics with Parisian beauty trends. The collection centers on the sassy but classy Marie. This adorable collection will make you look purrfect with an eyeshadow palette, false lashes, lip glosses, a trio of highlights, a makeup brush, and a compact mirror. Grab this collection on Revolution Beauty or you can pick it up at Ulta.

Beauty & The Villain – Sally Hansen x Cruella 

fandom makeupOn May 28, we will get to learn how Cruella became the fierce fashionista we know and… love? Sally Hansen created a nail polish line that will take you from ordinary to devious. This Cruella collection features 12 Miracle Gel shades that will give you all the chills as punk meets couture. Inspired by the anarchic fashions of the 1970s, the 12 shades embody the true characteristics of the glamour-obsessed heiress, featuring black rings and caps printed with the Disney Cruella logo. Snatch these at Ulta or wherever Sally Hansen is sold.

Beauty & Horror – Widow Witch Cosmetics x She Creature 

Image of She creature BUNDLE PREORDERBeauty can be found even in the most unlikely of places. Widow Witch Cosmetics celebrates old-school horror with this wickedly beautiful collection. The She Creature collection arises from the depths of the black lagoon to help you celebrate your own beauty. The bundle comes with an eyeshadow palette, and two sets of lashes for $60. The eyeshadow palette can be purchased separately for $28 and the lashes are $15 each. 

These are 5 more of the most recent makeup collaborations! We’ll do our due diligence to keep you fandom fans updated on all things fandom and beauty. Which collection will you be picking up? Share with us your favorite in the comments and online.

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