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I love coffee! There’s not a morning that goes by that I won’t drink a hot cup of joe. I always enjoy trying new coffees and they are even more fun when fandom-themed.  Fandom teas and coffee blends have been on the rise for the past couple of years and one company that’s stayed on my radar is Expedition Roasters.  Since 2014 they’ve been creating  Themed Coffees for a unique coffee experience. With colorful artwork and fandom-theming, I decided to take a chance and try out their coffees.

To try more than one of their blends, I chose their sampler pack which includes eight of their themed coffees for $24.95 (each bag is 2oz).  I appreciated the zip lock feature on the bags to keep the coffee fresh. The packaging is so colorful and makes me nostalgic for all things Disney. I could immediately recognize the tie-in to the flavors and the ode to certain characters, park attractions, and foods as a whole.

The coffees included in the sampler pack are medium blend but are a very strong coffee blend. I own a Mr. Coffee coffeemaker that makes about 12 cups total. I used the 6-cup recommendation per the website and the blend was too strong (for me personally), and eventually, I ended up using 8-10 cups. These factors all depend on how you like your coffee and your preference for taste.

Here are my thoughts on each blend:

Ghoulish Delight – Cinnamon Bun

My favorite blend and the first coffee I tried in the pack. When I opened the package, it had a heavenly aroma of cinnamon buns which is one of my favorite breakfast treats. The smell of the flavor matched the taste, and it did not disappoint. I would buy this coffee again and for other friends who are coffee drinkers.

Prospector’s Roast – Gold Rush Churro

Gold Rush Churro smelled like cinnamon and the taste of the coffee did too. The coffee didn’t have as much of a cinnamon churro taste as I thought it would. I think needed more cinnamon flavor for me, so maybe I would buy this one again but use a coffee creamer with cinnamon flavor.

Enchanted Tiki Coconut

A smooth medium roasted blend with coconut flavoring. If you like tropical-flavored coffees this blend may be one for you. I think that the coconut flavoring was pretty light compared to other coconut flavored coffees I’ve drunk in the past. But if you’re looking for a blend of coffee that doesn’t have a strong coconut flavor I would recommend this.

Beans From Outer Space – Peanut Butter Cup

This coffee was supposed to have hints of peanut butter but all I could taste was chocolate. You could smell the peanut butter scent when you opened the package but that’s about it. It was such a strong coffee even when I added 8 cups of water to the batch of coffee. It has a nice aroma but this coffee was a dud overall and it just wasn’t the coffee for me.

Roundup Roast – Campfire S’mores

This blend was supposed to have a “warm melted S’mores” flavor according to the website. I didn’t really taste or smell a smores aroma, but I loved this flavor. It had a nice blend that is great for jumpstarting the day or when I need an afternoon pick me up. This is a coffee blend that despite its name was not too sweet and would be a great coffee to pair with desserts.

Skipper’s Brew – Jungle Banana Pie

This Jungle Cruise-themed coffee was the one I was most reluctant to try. Mainly because I am not a fan of banana-flavored anything outside of banana bread. While the aroma of the coffee is bananas, bananas, I didn’t taste it in the coffee at all. I actually preferred it without any banana taste, but that’s just me. It was a pleasant aroma with a good blend of flavors.

Devilish Dame – Black & White Cookie

Think Oreo cookies when it comes to Devilish Dame. The aroma that fills the area is reminiscent of a bakery, however, not much cookie flavor in the actual coffee to my disappointment. Add more of a cookie flavor to this blend and I’m in love!

Happily Never After – New Orleans Praline

This blend has a lovely aroma of almonds, pecans, and hazelnuts that smells absolutely wonderful and the coffee tastes amazing too. The blend is soothing and reminds me slightly of Ghoulish Delight minus the cinnamon flavor. This blend topped my favorites list as well.

The verdict? For me, the winners of the sample pack are Ghoulish Delight and Prospector’s Roast as a runner-up! Expedition Roasters is an amazing company that I would recommend for any coffee drinker. They have a variety of blends to choose from and the fun packaging and themed blends make it a fun experience for the customer. I can’t wait to try even more of their coffees.

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