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Hello fans of Fandom Spotlite! We are Coloured Contacts, here to tell you a little about our range of coloured contact lenses and how you can use them in your cosplay creations.

If you’re looking to add more detail to your favourite look, or are planning how to perfect your latest outfit idea then a pair of cosplay lenses could be the costume accessory you’re looking for! So many cool characters from cinematic, comic book and gaming universes have interesting and alternative eye colours that we love making possible to replicate with our products.
We’ve seen our contacts used to create all kinds of cool characters- from White Walkers to Shinobi Warriors, Mutants to Monsters! Check out some of the awesome contact lens creations below:

Contact Lens Creations to Enhance Your Cosplay
Contact Lens Creations to Enhance Your Cosplay

One cosplayer we have enjoyed working with is Francesca Di Giovanni, a.k.a @avada__kedavra! As a talented makeup artist and character creator, she has used our coloured contact lenses to create all kinds of recognizable characters.

Cosplayer Francesca Di Giovanni
Cosplayer Francesca Di Giovanni

We were particularly blown away by her Darth Maul post – the detail is incredible. To see more of her work and how she features our products, you can visit her dedicated Coloured Contacts Profile Page.

Cosplay Contact Lenses FAQs

If you’re new to the idea of coloured contact lenses, then of course you’ll have a few questions about this unique kind of product. Let us help to answer some of the questions you may have.

1. What are cosplay contact lenses?

Cosplay contact lenses are made from the same soft materials as regular contact lenses, they simply feature printed designs that can mask and enhance your natural eye colour. Some contact lenses are wider and have a darker edge to their designs to replicate the popular big eyed kawaii style.

2. What cosplay styles are available?

Our collection includes many exciting styles including cat’s eye to awesome dragon eye effects. As well as super scary zombie contacts, you can take any glowing look to the next level with some UV contact lenses. Our Sharingan contact lens styles are proving to be popular with anime fans!

3. How easy is it to wear contact lenses?

If you’ve never worn coloured contact lenses before, then inserting them can seem a daunting task! We’ve made sure to have plenty of video tutorials and guides to help make our customer’s contact lens experience a whole lot easier. As with everything, practice makes perfect.

4. How do the contact lenses look when worn?

Our new Coloured Contacts Gallery page allows you to see the contact lenses in action and is the place to go for styling inspiration. Alongside this you’ll be delighted to find many of the style guides in our blog are packed with cosplay ideas. The contact lenses can often look different dependent on your natural eye colour, which we hope to demonstrate in our gallery pages.

5. Do I need a prescription to wear coloured contacts?

Some of our products are available as prescription, so even if you require corrective contact lenses, you can enjoy an eye colour transformation. It should be noted that US customers will need a valid prescription to purchase; this can be approved by providing optician details at the checkout.

6. How does Coloured Contacts collaborate with the Cosplay community?

We are always delighted to feature the work of talented cosplayers across our social media channels and on our website. Along with this, we have worked with cosplay events and conventions across the world; sponsoring costume contests and providing prizes and vouchers for winners and participants. See our conventions collaboration page here.

We hope we have given some insight into our products and how you could wear them. If you’d like to find out more about our site and pick up a pair for yourself then we’d love for you to pay us a visit at Coloured Contacts. Thank you to Fandom Spotlite for giving us the opportunity to be featured!

Please note this is a sponsored post.

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