CATWOMAN Costume Review – Tim Burton Version by Miccostumes!

Catwoman in Batman Returns was an incredible version of Selina Kyle and one of Batman’s most enigmatic foes. This costume review will show you the suit and various accessories to make the look even better! Based on Tim Burton’s Batman Returns!

If you’ve even wanted to look the part of Michelle Pfeiffer’s portrayal of Catwoman, you need to watch this review! Curious Cat shows and discusses the Miccostumes version of the suit, plus additions that might make the costume even better. Plus an upgraded whip by Ardour Crafts and some very cool claw rings. She will explain modifications she made to the original costume and substitutions, though you may find some of them are not necessary for you (such as corset and boots).

Join the DC Universe on the side of… sometimes evil, sometimes good… and dress the part! Caution: The costume described is not recommended for actual cat burglary, nor do we suggest you break the law at all. Because Batman.




Whip: (8 foot) (6 foot)


Boots: (but any knee high black boot is good)

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