Are We Headed For A Fortnite Movie?

Are we headed to a Fortnite movie?

If you pay much attention to the world of gaming, you’re probably well aware that Fortnite has taken that world by storm. Developed by Epic Games and released in 2017, the game has already amassed over 125 million players across all platforms. It’s probably safe to say it’s the biggest game since Minecraft, and it is undoubtedly still growing. And these days, that means we should probably all be on the lookout for how Fortnite might grow beyond gaming. And, with more and more game-to-cinema crossovers these days (we just saw a new Tomb Raider and there are rumors of a Mortal Kombat reboot), that means we should probably expect a Fortnite movie at one point or another.

According to an article that was actually looking at Fortnite’s potential in the eSports arena, it’s already the most watched game online, which means the audience is there. The modern gaming environment is such that viewership is an important concept, and it just so happens that Fortnite – more than some other popular games – actually provides a pretty enjoyable viewing experience. Because of this, and judging by the game’s performance on Twitch, the numbers are there to suggest that people like Fortnite as a spectator concept about as much as they like playing it.

It may be for this reason that there are actually some rumors out there about a Fortnite TV show. There was actually some speculation that Disney had announced such a show, but it turned out that this story was traced back to a parody Twitter account with fewer than 100 followers. Still, the fact that a single tweet (it “announced” a Fortnite show debuting in August of 2019) could make news would seem to imply that people are ready for this story. Putting it another way, if this had been a real Disney Twitter account, word likely would have spread like wildfire and people would be very intrigued by the idea of the Fortnite show.

The real arena for gaming adaptations is cinema, however, and even if the majority of game-to-film projects have wound up flopping, Fortnite has a good opportunity to buck the trend. This game has achieved rare popularity, and that means that to at least some extent, audiences would be forgiving of a mediocre film. However, Fortnite also invites the possibility of a whole range of creative takes. It’s a game without a defining plot or storyline, built instead on what’s essentially a combat concept and engaging gameplay. That means that a good screenwriter and a good director could essentially have freedom to make a war or action film within the loose parameters of Fortnite. The game doesn’t restrict the concept of the film very much.

As for what the movie would actually look like, it’s impossible to say. It could easily be live action or animated, and it would need a few bona fide action stars, either as recognizable voice actors or as on-camera stars. Whatever the case, we’re betting this is something we’ll start hearing about in a more concrete fashion in short time.

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