4 Spooky Games You Can Play In Your Browser

We recently talked about some of our favorite spooky games to play this Halloween season, but what about those who don’t want to have to download anything to have a little fright? For them, we’ve got some suggestions for games that are simple enough to be played right in your browser window. No downloads necessary.

Zombie Arena

ULTIMATE ZOMBIE ARENA ☆ Call of Duty Zombies (Zombie Games) - YouTube

Zombies have been “in” for a while now, so it’s probably no surprise they account for a lot of the best horror games on the internet. Indeed, we’ll have a second zombie installment mentioned below! This game, however, is a thoroughly enjoyable arena shooter, developed by Faramel and hosted at browser arcade sites. It’s a first-person game most styled after GoldenEye 007, but involving waves of zombies converging on you in a contained setting. Your task is simply to gather weapons and health and fend off the zombies as best you can– and once you start, it’s hard to want to stop trying to better your efforts.

You can find it here or likely at your favorite browser arcade site.

Halloween Fortune Scratch

Halloween Fortune slot for free

We don’t always associate bingo with horror, but sometimes the mysteries of luck can be the scariest thing of all. This is a new title on Cheeky Bingo online and can be played directly in your browser. With plenty of horror icons popping up throughout the game as well as some spooky music to set the mood, it is a great option for those looking to start the evening with horror that is a little bit lighter.

Trollface Quest 2: Horror 

Troll Face Quest Horror 2 🎃Especial de Halloween 🎃 - YouTube

There are thousands of horror movies out there and an almost equal number of parodies of those films. Trollface Horror Quest 2, like the original game, allows you to play through some of the most famous scenes in those games, but with a twist. Each scene it presents to you can be changed in either small or large ways. If you allow it to play out the way it does in the film, you fail. The only way to progress to the next chapter of this puzzle game is to do things differently. It is a great way to relive your favorite horror movies while still having creative input.


Ann on Steam

Without giving too much away, it’s safe to say that there is more to Ann that meets the eye. The game takes place in the most terrifying place imaginable- a school. Ann must get from one side to the other without falling prey to the numerous supernatural and regular obstacles in her way. This is a horror adventure game with a lot of puzzle-solving for people to pick up, so if you’re interested in using your cunning skills to get Ann to safety, this might be a good one to try out. Not everything is as it seems for Ann, so be ready for things to get weird as she tries to get to safety.

You can find Ann online here.

So there you have it! Are there any other browser-based games you feel should be on this list? Let us know through our socials and in the comments.

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