TRANSFORMERS Studio Series 86 IRONHIDE vs Masterpiece KO – Review

In Transformers, Ironhide has been the grizzled old Autobot warrior who stood by Optimus Prime through thick and thin. His Generation One toy, though, left a bit to be desired. But here, Captain Kyle compared the new Studio Series 86 version of Ironhide to a knockoff Masterpiece version that’s similar in price. You decide which one is better.

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Ironhide has been a popular character (though it’s hard to think of many G1 characters that aren’t popular at all) since he was introduced in 1984. However, the G1 toy looked nothing like his appearance in the cartoon and he only was true to that form in the first issue of the Marvel Comic. However, there have been a number of versions of Ironhide since, many of whom are much closer to the cartoon character we wanted. In this video, two of these are put to the test, as the new Studio Series 86 Ironhide, based on Transformers the Movie, is put up against a KO version of the Masterpiece Ironhide. Which Autobot toy is better? You decide.

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