TRANSFORMERS ELITA-1 EarthSpark Warrior Class Review

Transformers EarthSpark Elita-1 is the latest version of the toy we never got back in the eighties. This Warrior-Class toy is apparently a size class for more core or basic-sized toys in this line. Though it does seem slightly larger than a core class. This Autobot, known as Optimus Prime’s main squeeze, is modeled after her show character and Captain Kyle reviews it to see if it would fit in your collection.

Elita-1, or Elita-One, was once known as Ariel 9 million or so years ago, but when Alpha Trion rebuilt Orion Pax into Optimus Prime, he also rebuilt Ariel into Elita-One. And gave her a wonky power that kills her if she uses it. While the character didn’t get a toy during her introduction, years later she would get various versions, having her transform not only into a land vehicle but also a jet plane and a boat. Captain Kyle examines this new version, which is some kind of SUV or armored car, to see if it’s cool enough for you.

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