5 Places The ‘Evil Dead’ Franchise Should Go Next

The Evil Dead franchise has become one of horror’s most beloved, drawing in a loyal fan base that has spawned multiple generations. Now five entries deep, the series has proven to be one of the genre’s most consistent, and its latest release, Evil Dead Rise, proves there is much life in the series yet.


The film was set for a straight-to-streaming release on HBO Max, but would eventually get a full theatrical run – a decision fully warranted as Evil Dead Rise pulled in over $40 million opening weekend, which gives us confidence that another entry will be on the way.

In the film, we’re taken away from the franchise’s stapled cabin in the woods setting and placed in a block of high-rise apartments. This shift in location gives the film a fresh setting for the brutality that comes and offers up many exciting possibilities moving forward.

Sitting in an enviable position, the Evil Dead franchise could go in many different directions and make use of different locations, characters and even timelines, with the Necronomicon being in existence for centuries.

With that in mind, here are five places the Evil Dead franchise should go next.


An Asylum setting has been a staple within the horror genre for decades and seems the perfect place for the Necronomicon to pop up next. Making use of such a location could provide the next entry with a familiar, claustrophobic feel whilst offering some horrifying new visuals, sinister themes, and chilling storylines. Themes of mental illness could also play a prominent role in this setting, which would add an interesting dynamic for the film to explore.


Yet another location that offers a claustrophobic and unescapable predicament, a prison setting could allow themes of isolation and entrapment to be utilized even further. The setting also offers a lot more bodies for the deadites to possess, which gives the franchise a chance to turn up the levels of gore and bloodshed (if that’s possible!). The dynamic between guards and inmates could also play into the story, allowing the film to delve deeper into its characters and explore the nature of humanity.

Salem Witch Trials

One of the most infamous true horror-crime stories of all time, the Salem Witch Trials offers the franchise a very real premise in which to expand its own lore. Placing the Necronomicon in a time where mass hysteria and concerns of other-worldly beings ran wild could allow the film to really explore the deadites on a larger scale and add a new layer of depth to the series. Given the concerns of supernatural entities at that time, the film could also introduce new monsters and creatures if they wanted to delve into new terrain. Having the film take place in the 17th century would also allow the franchise to get creative in its cinematography and deliver an entry with a distinctive new look.


The Evil Dead franchise has, for the most part, been routed in dark and grungy locations so far, but a more vibrant, colorful setting could allow the series to break into new terrain. College settings have often been a staple of the slasher genre, but Evil Dead could make use of certain tropes to provide a fun, fresh and original playground for the deadites to be unleashed in. 


The fight between good and evil has taken place in religious settings for centuries and unleashing the Necronomicon in a Monastery could take this battle to the next level. Although countless other films from the genre have already played in this wheelhouse, Evil Dead could put its own brand on the sub-genre and craft a religious horror for the ages. This particular theme and location could span the globe and take place at any point in history, allowing the franchise to get creative in its approach. Deeper thematic elements could be the focal point here, and an origin story showcasing the creation of the Necronomicon could work well here, allowing the franchise to build exciting new chapters into its mythology.

So, there are five places the Evil Dead franchise could go next. Did any catch your interest? Do you have any ideas on where the series should go next? Let us know in the comments section below.

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