VOICE ACTOR Panel – Harnell, LaMarr, Paulsen, LaMarche, Kenney

Jess Harnell, Phil LaMarr, Rob Paulsen, Maurice LaMarche and Larry Kenney gave a voice actor panel at Terrificon 2019, talking about their experiences with various characters and answering fan questions.

Jess Harnell is well known for his roles as Wakko Warner, Transformers Ironhide, Crash Bandicoot and Blast Zone.

Phil LaMarr is known for John Stewart of the Green Lantern Corps, Hermes Conrad from Futurama, Samurai Jack, Bail Organa and Transformers Jazz.

Rob Paulsen is known for Yakko Warner, Pinky, Donatello and Bravoman.

Maurice LaMarche is known for Kif Kroker on Futurama, The Brain from Pinky and the Brain, Yosemite Sam and Mr. Big from Zootopia.

Larry Kenny is known for Lion-O from Thundercats, Bluegrass from Silverhawks, Count Chocula and JB Cripps from Red Dead Redemption II.

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