Trick ‘r Treat Director Discusses Film’s Future

Trick ‘r Treat has become a fan-favorite Halloween movie for many horror fans since its release in 2007. Whilst the film might have fallen under the radar for some, it has amassed a strong following throughout the years and finally has a cinematic release this spooky season.

The film, which was written and directed by Michael Dougherty, is an anthology horror-comedy that interweaves different stories that occur on one Halloween night and stars True Blood’s Anna Paquin and Succession’s Brian Cox.

15-years have passed since its release, and fans have patiently waited for any updates regarding a possible sequel. And now, we’re getting the updates we’ve been waiting for. Recently, director Michael Dougherty confirmed a sequel was on the way and shared that the follow-up was in “very active development.”

Since then, Dougherty has sat down with Nerdist to discuss even more about the future of Trick ‘r Treat, teasing that a sequel might not be the only thing in development.

Trick ‘r Treat started as an animated short that Dougherty made in college – which you can check out below. When questioned on a possible return to that format, the director confirmed he would love to return to that style at some point:

Yeah, I’d love that. I would love to do that. I’d even open up the door to bringing in other filmmakers to do shorts, whether it be animation or live-action. I just think it’d be fun. I mean, obviously, we’re talking about a sequel right now, and I think animation for maybe a Halloween special. It could be just really nuts in terms of formats and styles, expand the mythology, and Sam as a character. I think it would be separate from whatever deep little path that we’ve done before. It’s fun to sort of imagine an annual Halloween special. It might be a half-hour. It might be an hour, but something that could be more irreverent.

Regarding the sequel, Dougherty was asked about whether any of the original cast would return in an anthology style, and the director revealed that he has no intention of bringing them back:

No, because I feel like that’s very much American Horror Story’s approach and style. I’d rather stay consistent. If I’m bringing cast members back, it would be in the same roles, not that that’s currently a plan within the piece. To me, it would throw me off. I do like it in American Horror Story. I think it works for them, but it’d also feel like we’re just ripping them off if we did that.

Check out the full interview here.

Trick ‘r Treat is playing in select theatres this Halloween season.

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