TRANSFORMERS Newage Insecticon 3-Pack (Third Party) Review

These Transformers from third-party company New Age are the LEGENDARY HEROES Berial (Shrapnel), Abadon (Kickback), and Asmodeus (Bombshell) who are obviously modeled from the G1 Insecticons. Captain Kyle reviews them to see how cool they are.

There Newage Insecticons, designated H10, H11, and H12, are smaller than the G1 Insecticons and likely around the size, if not slightly smaller, than the Titans Return version of these characters. A sub-group of the Decepticons, these Transformers are a bit more mercenary than Megatron’s core group, seeking Energon in payment for coordinating schemes with their Decepticon brethren. These third-party toys come with weapons and Energon cubes, so you can prepay them for services.

If you’d like to get this set, you can use these links:

AliExpress: (best price with shipping included)

Please note these are not manufactured by Hasbro or Takara and they will assume no liability in regards to their quality.

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