Transformers Earthrise Paradron Medic Lifeline is put up against the Japanese Superlink limited Paradron Type Ariel in this latest Versus Review. Captain Kyle goes through the specifics on this Earthrise Arcee repaint that comes with Earthrise Ratchet and compares it to the green version of Ariel, known in the US as Arcee, from the Superlink or Energon line.

The Paradron Medic, who is now known as Lifeline, has had a couple toys, most notably the repaint of Thrilling 30 Arcee in the Combiner Wars line and the new Earthrise version that is an Amazon Exclusive and comes with Ratchet. But there was a repaint of the Energon version of Arcee that was released in Japan, which was NOT supposed to be Lifeline, but a Paradron Style version of Ariel (or Arcee). However, many just call this toy the Paradron Medic and are done with it.

The Paradron Medic Lifeline first appeared in the G1 Cartoon Season 3 episode “Fight or Flee” and was not treated well by Cyclonus and Scourge.

If you are interested in getting the Galactic Odyssey 2 pack of Lifeline and Ratchet from the Earthrise line, or just the Lifeline toy alone, you can try eBay by clicking this link:

The Paradron Style Ariel is rather rare, but you can check eBay by clicking this link: AND this link: as some people don’t list it correctly. And be sure to look for the green one… you may see the standard Arcee colored Ariel.

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