TRANSFORMERS Alpha Trion, Arbilus and Kranax Figures Review

Transformers characters Kranix and Arblus (or Kranax and Arbilus) never received official Transformer versions and Alpha Trion versions have not looked particularly like the Season 2 G1 Cartoon version of the character. From Impossible Toys, these three figures make up in accuracy what they fail to deliver in transformability. Almost action masters, these toys are worth a look and Captain Kyle reviews them.

Kranax and Arbilus from the planet Lithone appeared in the 1986 animated feature Transformers: The Movie. Their planet was destroyed by Unicron within the first few minutes of the film. Arbilus’s fate is not certain, but Kranax ends up captured by the Quintessons and meets a horrid end. These two figures are great representations of these characters and great for fans of the animated movie.

Alpha Trion is a legendary figure in Transformers lore. Originally known as A3, he was one of the Cybertronians who fought against the enslavement of the Quintessons. Much later he would rebuild a young Autobot named Orion Pax into Optimus Prime. And finally he merged with Vector Sigma on Cybertron in order to give the Aerialbots life. While there have been some versions of this character made, none look as close to his cartoon appearance as this figure from Impossible Toys.

Captain Kyle reviews all three figures in detail and speaks of their place in the Transformers universe

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