Blackarachnia from the War for Cybertron Kingdom line is a great representation of her character from the original Beast Wars show and the Netflix one. This Predacon is a bad girl who knows it and Captain Kyle reviews this figure, even comparing it to the original release. And the question remains… why isn’t it selling?

Blackarachnia emerged from a reprogrammed Maximal Statis Pod and immediately made an impression. Voiced by Venus Terzo on the Mainframe CGI animated show, she was a formidable warrior and a schemer who matched Tarantulas move for move. Her original release was a repaint of Tarantulas, but her Transmetal 2 form was a great representation of the character when she upgraded in the show. However, aside from the Masterpiece, this new toy is the best version of the character to date. So why is it a peg warmer? Captain Kyle reviews it to try to unravel this mystery.

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Check out the Venus Terzo interview here!

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