The Fans Really Do Strike Back!

Last week, Fever invited us to tour The Fans Strike Back, their newest Exhibition of over 600 Star Wars collectibles displayed by some of the best fans out there.  The exhibition is one wild ride to a galaxy far, far away that’s exciting for all ages!

What to Expect?

Fever has done an excellent job of balancing all the sights and sounds of the exhibit, bringing tour-goers on a well-balanced journey from start to finish. Guests will see themed rooms, perfect lighting for Instagrammable shots, pleasing music and nostalgia abound!

Because of the Fan focus, guests will see collectibles from all episodes, the extended universe, and original cosplays! Something I have not seen in a long time, especially with Disney’s new obsession with all things Star Wars.

The exhibit also has several larger-than-life moments that will absolutely excite from the life-size Jabba on his throne to full-scale pod racers! It’s my personal feeling that this exhibit is a worthy alternative to Galaxy’s Edge for us North-East Coasters.

The green screen was a fun little touch and the gift shop was still under construction at opening, so I will definitely be returning myself to check it out and give my 2 cents!

Another great thing about the exhibit is its accessibility. The location is directly above the subway with a plethora of shops and excitement to make a day of it for dates, family outings, or a simple treat-yo-self.

Things to Remember!

This is a Fan Exhibit. Fever does explicitly state that everything they showcase is from private collections, and in some areas, this is quite evident. Guests shouldn’t expect the Disney treatment of Galaxy’s Edge but should enter with the love of the franchise and an appreciation for the immense amount of hard work folks have put into their collections.

Some areas, the Hoth room in particular, do have service difficulties for those looking to live stream and the VR is definitely what we call the “Kirkland Brand” of Star Wars. While it is breathtakingly fun, it’s definitely not sanctioned by The Mouse, especially with their use of FTL (Faster Than Light) over Hyperdrive, causing us nerds to have a bit of an “Um, Actually” moment.

But that uber-nerd moment aside, the exhibit really is a lot of fun and worth the trip to NYC. Worth the price and a memorable experience. It really shows the positive side of the Star Wars fan base and the shared love we have for all the popular and obscure Star Wars characters, locations, and more.

The Fans Strike Back is open now through June! Get tickets here!

May the Force Be With You!

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