Take a Scroll: 4 Webtoon Reading Recommendations

I love the format of webtoons, the variety of stories, and the accessibility to read these comics on the go. I’ve even watched small-screen adaptations of some of my favorite stories. These creators continue to bring new and exciting content to a variety of readers each week!  Here are some webtoons that you should check out on the Line Webtoon app.

The Newlywed Diary of a Witch and a Dragon

My first pick is a Romance Webtoon Original created by Baridal and New lung and illustrated by Dimang which is based on a web novel. The story follows Wendy Blanchett, a talented young leader of the Rune Research Division, who is faced with a dilemma when the newbie, Aiden Winters, asks her to marry him.

This is a fairly new webtoon that was released on the Line Webtoon app and it’s currently ongoing. For the reader that enjoys romance blended with fantasy elements, this is a webtoon for you. Because the main characters are thrown into marriage, we get to see them work towards building a life together and learning about each other’s pasts. The characters have a lot of depth and the magic system designed in Wendy’s world is very interesting. The artwork and character design are beautiful. It’s also got some interesting worldbuilding aspects to hook the reader into the plot.


Half Ghost [First Impression] » otomenai.com

Half-Ghost is another ongoing webtoon by one of my favorite creators, Sejung. If you enjoyed reading Sejung’s previous series Ghost Bride, you’re in for a treat as this new story seems to be set in the same universe. The main character Hayeon has always felt something creepy near her but isn’t sure what it is. She knows ghosts exist, but she can’t really see them. When she meets a boy, Hu-an, she learns that he can see ghosts and fights with them. Being that he’s a half-ghost he knows there’s something different about Hayeon, but he can’t seem to figure out what.

Half-Ghost keeps readers entertained with many familiar elements as its predecessor story. It’s chock-full of illustrations of ghosts that will make your spine tingle. Especially since Hayeon is unaware that she is a magnet for things from the spirit world. The mystery surrounding their supernatural abilities has me intrigued and I’m curious to see if we’ll get any cameo appearances/tie-ins to Ghost Wife.

The Sound of Your Heart

The Sound of Your Heart is a comedy webtoon that will have readers laughing out loud. This series depicts various stories of real-life cartoonist Jo Suk and the people around him, including his older brother Jo Joon and his girlfriend/wife Ae-Bong.

It’s extremely wacky and over-the-top but that’s what makes it so fun to read. The silly situations that the characters get in are ridiculous and it’s a comic not to be taken too seriously. that is sure to get a laugh out of every reader willing to suspend their sense of reality. The art style for this webtoon is very unique and it adds to the comedic elements that the series is aiming for.


No description available.

If you’re looking for a spookier webtoon, Gremoryland is all kinds of creepy and has a narrative that is truly unsettling. In this series, six old school friends are invited to be the first visitors of GremoryLand, a new horror theme park that promises an experience very “unique”. But to their discovery, once this experience starts there is no turning back, and they find themselves tested beyond what they imagined, facing their most desperate fears in order to survive.

This is a true horror comic that had me on edge during each episode! It really gets under your skin as each character has to face their greatest fear and ends up revealing dark secrets in the process. The reading experience is very immersive, and the artwork is so incredibly detailed. There are a lot of subtle references in each panel that give clues to solving mysteries that unravel in the story. This is a very gory comic, so be advised, but those who like to read horror comics will delight in this story.

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