New Hazbin Hotel Antagonist Revealed

The official Hazbin Hotel Twitter account had a special New Year’s Eve surprise: a visual for a new, never-before-seen antagonist. The new character (seen below) is named Adam, and, according to a retweet by series creator Vivienne Medrano, he is the leader of a group called “the exorcists.” From the halo above his head, light color scheme, and biblical name, we can assume he is some sort of angel or other heavenly being, and that his group seeks to “exorcise” the show’s demonic protagonists who reside in Hell. A separate tweet from Medrano tells us that the smaller, darker character to Adam’s right is named Lute. Not many official details about these two characters have been released yet.

Hazbin Hotel is set to premiere this upcoming summer. Stay tuned for more updates!

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