Get the Bratz Look with New Puma Collab

 Puma recently announced a collection with Bratz dolls company set to release August 12, 2021. Thanks to influencer culture, the dolls have made a resurgence and have been named pioneers of today’s influencer fashion and beauty.


Puma has been doing a good job of letting all of their customers know they matter. So if all you 90s babies ever wanted to be a life-size Bratz doll, this is your chance to complete your outfit Puma plans on releasing 3 shoes, starting with the RX-s which look to be covered in multiple shades of pinks with grey laces and the signature Bratz B . Then you have their Puma Mayze, which starts in a pink then transitions into a gradient of purples with lots of glitter and the iconic Puma symbol in white.

Lastly, a Puma Slide with a similar pink to purple gradient, but a black and pink strap that says “Bratz” going across it. This collection appeals to multiple generations and should be a must-have for any superfan of the Bratz Dolls. Puma did an excellent job creating an aesthetically pleasing shoe by picking effective colors and keeping the designs fairly simple, showing what the shoes are based on but still appealing to those who may not be die-hard fans. 


You can add these to your cart when they drop on Puma’s website and other sneaker retailers on August 12, 2021.

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