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Howdy, Fandom Fans! If you come around these parts that means you’re looking for news. Well, you definitely came to the right place. This week’s news has been mostly about two giants going head to head for viral supremacy: Marvel and DC. Marvel and DC made dropped major news this week. Get ready to tally the scores.


Marvel vs. DC: A superhero debate with human roots – What the Future

But before we jump in the clash of the comic titans. Let’s start with another fandom, Star Trek.

Meet the Future of Star Trek. 

Paramount+ released the first look and voice cast for a new Star Trek animated series. Star Trek: Prodigy follows six young alien starship crew members featured in the upcoming kids’ animated series set in the Star Trek universe. These new characters will go on fun adventures and explore the final frontier.
Star Trek Prodigy Cast
Along with the voice cast above; Star Trek: Voyager star Kate Mulgrew, will reprise her role as Captain Kathryn Janeway. Captain  Janeway will be an emergency training hologram. Stra Trek: Prodigy will stream on Paramount+ later this year.

Q & Others Return for Season 2 of Picard. 

The trailer for season 2 of Star Trek: Picard was released this week. Picard’s peaceful existence will soon be interrupted by his old frenemy-Q. It would appear that Q is up to something dastardly and we can’t wait to find out. It also looks like Seven of Nine is still dealing with demons from her past. Trekkies will have to wait until 2022 to watch season 2 of Picard, which will be streaming on Paramount+. Maybe Fandom Spotlite’s own Q will make a return too?

DC | Welcome to DC

Barry! Did you Mess With the Timeline Again? 
Ezra Miller Was on CW's 'Crisis' Crossover and Some Stars Didn't Know
The Flash’s solo film, Flashpoint, has already accumulated a stellar cast of Bats new and old. But, Barry isn’t done messing with the timeline just yet. Mr. Allen will use his abilities to bring in…himself! That’s right, The CW’s version of the Flash, played by Grant Gustin, will be in the Flashpoint film. It’s not a surprising announcement when you consider that Ezra Miller’s Flash made a cameo on the TV show. What will be interesting to see is what role Grant Gustin will have and will the two Flashes remember their previous encounter. Two time-changing speedsters, what could go wrong?
Superman Flashpoint Paradox 2 versionoof!

In Brightest Day, In Darkest Night, A Lantern’s Daughter, Joins the Fight.

Stargirl has made her way from HBO Max to the CW. In season 2, Stargirl will have to consider what’s most important to her: Being a normal teen or being a superhero. Her decision will be swayed with new villains, the Justice Society of America losing members, her grades, and her parents. The biggest surprise from the extended trailer is the introduction of Green Lantern Jade, the daughter of O.G. Lantern, Alan Scott. HBO Max has already started casting for the Green Lantern Corps. Does this mean Jade will not be in the HBO Max series or will someone else be cast? You’ll have to wait until August 10, 2021, to learn more about Jade and the rest of the cast of Stargirl.

The Knight is Dark and Full of Terrors. 

Season 3 of DC’s Titans looks terrifying. Not that the show was ever a colorful world of sunshine and rainbows. In the trailer for season 3,  fans can see that the Titans’ worse fears will become reality. We have long suspected that the Joker would be a part of the show; due to the casting of Oracle and Jason becoming the Red Hood. A cop with a freakish grin and Mr. Jay’s signature laugh will the Joker really appear this season? Have no fear you can stream season 3 of Titans beginning August 12, only on HBO Max.

An Intro to Marvel for Newbies | WIRED

No Fangtastic Crossover

Earlier in the week, Tyrese Gibson, said in an interview that Morbius, which he stars in, is a part of the MCU. Tyrese didn’t check his source because that isn’t true. GameSpot confirmed that the film is separate from the MCU but is a part of Sony’s own Spiderverse. Morbius will stay be flying into theaters on January 28, 2022.  We are pretty sure Tyrese’s zoom meeting with Sony went something like this:
Tyrese Gibson What More Do You Want From Me GIF - TyreseGibson WhatMoreDoYouWantFromMe Cry - Discover & Share GIFs
Jane Fosters’ Thor is Comic book Accurate

We may have gotten our first glimpse at Natalie Portman’s Thor thanks to Twitter. The account dedicated to Love & Thunder news posted pictures of upcoming merchandise for the film. The photos are of a t-shirt of Thor, Valkyrie, and Jane Foster’s Thor. Though the image is not the best quality, you can get a good idea of the character’s look. From the looks of things…it looks pretty accurate to us! Are we getting closer to official images and maybe even a teaser trailer. We sure hope so. For now, put us down for one of those shirts.

Now you can get the chance to be a Guardian of The Galaxy. 

During Square Enix’s showcase at E3, viewers were treated to 11 minutes of footage of their new Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. You’ll get to play as Star-Lord; and lead his team that includes Mantis, Drax, Groot, Gamora, Rocket, and even Cosmo the Space Dog! This isn’t Square Enix’s first time working with Marvel. Last year they released Marvel’s Avengers. Similar to the Avengers, fans were not pleased with all the characters’ appearances. More specifically Star-Lords.
Something's Off About Star-Lord in Square Enix's Guardians of the Galaxy - Flipboard
The game isn’t scheduled for release anytime soon, so maybe they have time to change it?

Well, partners who have you declared the winner of this fandom showdown? Mosey on down to the comments or our socials to let us know! Don’t forget to share your favorite story too. As always stay safe and y’all come back now ya hear!

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