Fandom News Roundup 10/23-10/29/21

Fandom Fans, we have made it to the end of another month. 2021 seems to be flying by. Are you already making plans for 2022? Before you head off to that costume party or get a jump on holiday shopping, why not read some news? The last week in October has produced some interesting stories and we can’t wait for you to read them. Let’s dive into the world of Fandom one last time in October.

Rapid Fire Recaps 
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~After being in theaters for four days, the Dune reboot scored itself a big box office drawl and a sequel. Legendary Studios announced the sequel on their official social media accounts.

~Speaking of sand, Hayden Christensen will return to a galaxy far far away in the Disney+ Ahsoka series. Christensen will reprise his role as Tano’s former master and friend, Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader.

~Actor and comedian Bill Murray confirmed he is in the MCU in an interview he did with a German media outlet. His role is still unknown.

~The comeback kid Brendan Fraser will be playing the villain in HBO Max’s Batgirl film. Rumors suspect that Fraser will be playing Firefly.

~The first official trailer for Cowboy Bebop dropped this week. The trailer includes fans’ first clue into whether or not Edward will be in season one.

~Two TV Icons passed away this week. Friends star James Michael Tyler has passed away at the age of 59. Joanna Cameron, best known for her role in The Secrets of Isis also died this week due to a stroke.  Our thoughts are with the families, friends, and fans who are in mourning.

Something New is Blooming for Nintendo 

Nintendo has partnered with Niantics, the company behind Pokemon GO, for another project. Niantic and Nintendo launch Pikmin Bloom, an app that brings a little joy to your everyday journeys on foot. Walk to grow more Pikmin, walk to make flowers bloom, and walk to log your memories. The adorable app is slowly launching in countries all over the world. Be sure to check your app store of choice to download the app.

Another Fight for the Former Batwoman 

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We previously reported about actor Ruby Rose taking to social media to share their experience on the set of the CW’s Batwoman.  Rose accused the studio, several high-powered executives, and others of misuse of power, abuse, and even stalking. Staffers who worked on the show released their statements pointing the finger at Rose for their departure. Dougray Scott, who plays Colonel Jacob Kane, was accused by Rose of abusing female staffers on set.  Ruby Rose alleges that Scott has filed a lawsuit against her for “speaking her truth.”

Ruby Rose shared this message on Instagram:

“Dougray. I have too many witnesses coming forward with worse than just your anger Issues [stet].. but ur suing me for 10 million cos @gberlanti shared his lawyer with you… please.. come first so I can use the money from that case to take on G Berlanti […]” 

“G Berlanti” is Greg Berlanti, the executive producer of Batwoman.

Neither Scott nor Berlanti have made statements about these alleged lawsuits.

Barbie has Found her Ken

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You can’t have a Barbie movie without Ken! Margot Robbie, who plays Barbie, will somehow have to manage to do scenes with the dreamy Ryan Gosling. The poor girl. Ryan Gosling has been tapped to play Barbie’s long-time love, Ken. Greta Gerwig will direct the film, which she also co-wrote with partner Noah Baumbach. No details yet on the plot or release date, but the studio is hoping to start production in 2022.

Brandon Lee’s Fiance Finally Speaks 

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Eliza Hutton, the fiancée of late actor Brandon Lee, who died on the set of The Crow, is finally ready to speak about her loss.  Eliza, who is 57 now, stated to the media in response to the recent shooting accident on the set of Rust.

Eliza stated: “Twenty-eight years ago, I was shattered by the shock and grief of losing the love of my life, Brandon Lee, so senselessly […] My heart aches again now for Halyna Hutchins’ husband and son, and for all those left in the wake of this avoidable tragedy […] I urge those in positions to make change [s] to consider alternatives to real guns on sets […]”

Superman finds a Super Writer 

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Michael B. Jordan’s Superman film about Val-Zod has found its writers. Darnell Metayer and Josh Peters recently worked on Transformers: Rise of the Beasts. There is no official word on who will be playing Val-Zod but many speculate that Jordan himself will wear the mantle. The Superman movie will be exclusive to streaming service HBO Max.

Before Infinity and Beyond 

Check out a brand-new trailer for Disney and Pixar’s “Lightyear,” an original feature film releasing June 17, 2022. The sci-fi action-adventure presents the definitive origin story of Buzz Lightyear- the hero who inspired the toy, introducing the legendary Space Ranger who would win generations of fans. Chris Evans lends his voice to Buzz. Annie Award-winning director and veteran Pixar animator Angus MacLane helms “Lightyear.” Galyn Susman produces.

That completes this week’s edition of the Fandom News Roundup! We feel pretty good about it, how about you? We at Fandom Spotlite hope you have a safe and fun weekend. Bring us back some Halloween candy next week. We’ll trade you for more Fandom News!

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