Fandom Characters with Their Own Merch & How You Can Make Your Own

One of the best parts about fandom is showcasing your love for it.  There is no more incredible feeling than repping your favorite film or show on your clothes, shoes, home decor, pins, and more!
There is also the occasion when a fandom you love features a character with its merchandise. Even superheroes got to make money.  This listicle will feature characters who have their merch and where you can make your own because you got to make money too. Ok? OK!

Meilin Lee from Turning Red
Mei Mei Hustiling the Panda for Concert Tickets
Mei Mei and her friends from the film, Turning Red needed money to attend the 4*Town Concert. However, you don’t have easy access to cash when you are a teen. So, when they discover that people adore Mei’s panda form, they figure this is their ticket to tickets! They begin to “hustle the panda” by selling selfies, t-shirts, hats, and even custom stickers! The girls’ entrepreneurial skills help them ring in that dough.   They did it on their own if you’re looking to make your custom stickers either for fun or to make money for 4*town tickets, we recommend this site.

All Might from My Hero Academia 

When you are the world’s number one superhero, you’re bound to end up with your merchandise. After all, you’re an inspiration to kids, and you strike fear into the hearts of evil.  All Might is like Superman in the My Hero Academia universe, which means he’s famous.  He is good-looking, so that helps too. The superhero business is no stranger to capitalizing on the heroes.  Justice doesn’t come cheap. In All Might’s case, his glorious features were put on EVERYTHING. He had action figures, onesies, posters, notebooks, and even custom enamel pins! A pin with that handsome face, we will take six respectfully. If you’re obsessed with the heroes of MHA or want to make enamel pins of your gorgeous face, check out this –>website<–!

The Crimson Chin from The Fairly OddParents

The Crimson Chin is the big superhero in Nickelodeon’s The Fairly OddParents.  Unlike All Might, Crimson Chin is merely a comic book character. But, if you are a boy with fairy godparents who can grant your every desire, you can make the hero real! Or enter a comic book, and you get the idea. That boy is Timmy Turner, and he is the Crimson Chin’s biggest fan! Timmy owns the comic books, the toys, the undies, the costumes, and custom lanyards. A lanyard is a must in fandom, especially when you’re going to comic-con! You can make one feature the crimson chin or of your favorite character by checking out GS-JJ’s Custom Lanyard section.

Sailor V From Sailor Moon 

Sailor V, aka Sailor Venus, finds herself the real standout in the Sailor Moon franchise. The beautiful vigilante becomes the protector of Tokyo, and by the time Sailor Moon shows up on the scene, the people aren’t interested in her.  Oof! Sailor V’s popularity garners her plushies, manga, own video game, trading cards, and tradable lapel pins.  We can’t judge you if you stan the guardian of beauty and love.  We stan too.  You can create your own custom lapel pins of Sailor Venus, the other scouts, or anything at GS-JJ and go to their Lapel Pin section. Don’t forget to trade with us too!

These are just 4 characters that have their own custom merch in their respective properties and IRL! Luckily for you, you don’t have to be a hero, a comic book character, or a large red panda to have your own merch! Check out the links in the article to create your own.  Make pins, lanyards, or stickers for fun or for money.  Just get creative!

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