DC Universe Streaming Cost & TITANS Trailer

With the first day of SDCC upon us, DC’S new streaming service, DC Universe, is now taking pre-orders. In conjunction with this announcement, a new trailer has dropped for their exclusive show, Titans. 

DC Universe is available to fans for $74.99/year, or a monthly subscription of $7.99 (the same as Netflix and Hulu’s basic plans). While the rate may be standard and comparable to other streaming platforms, the selection is not quite there. Many fans are hesitant to pay a Netflix rate for a handful of original shows. DC Universe will, however, be including many existing DC properties, both animated and live action, as well as access to some comics. The full extent of its selection is yet unknown, but this will doubtless be a worthwhile investment for some. 

The project we know the most about, Titans, has dropped a very grim and mature first look trailer. In it, Raven is dealing with (literal) inner demons, Starfire appears to be throwing fire, and most notably, Robin says “F**k Batman.” 

 Beast Boy looks great though. 

Many are intrigued to see an adult Dick Grayson in his role as a police officer, while also still under the mantle of Robin. Whether or not the arrival of Jason Todd means he’ll soon be shifted to the role of Nightwing remains a point of interest and curiosity. There’s also the question of how his relationship with Batman dissolved to this point, which may be explored as there have been rumors of tussles with Batman rogues in Gotham. These are of course purely speculative at the moment. 

While the costumes and special effects seen in this trailer may have silenced some early critics, much remains to be seen. 

Check out the trailer here, and let us know what you think so far. 

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