Bok to the Future Part 1 – Anime Theme Concert

A picture showing Naruto, Full Metal Alchemist and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure with musical notes.

Do you enjoy string quartets, anime, and old Philadelphia schools that have been rebuilt into bars? Of course you do. Do I have the perfect event for you! Thursday, January 27th, the Bok Bar located at 800 Mifflin Street in Philadelphia will be hosting another Candlelight Fever original event. The program is Favorite Anime Themes. The description as quoted on the Fever website (get tickets here)is as follows:

“The best anime songs, like you’ve never heard before! This show pays tribute to a genre known for epic soundtracks and memorable themes. Enjoy a unique experience under the glimmer of candlelight during this exclusive Candlelight concert. A string quartet will perform some of the best-loved anime songs in one of Philadelphia’s most unique venues. Enjoy a truly unrepeatable experience! Come get whisked away for a magical night paying tribute to some of the greatest anime songs of all time.”

Showtimes are at 6 PM and 830 PM EST. If you can’t make the showing on the 27th, they are having a 2nd performance on February 11th. See you there! And I’ll also see you back here for my full coverage of the event.

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