BOK to the Future 2 – Anime-Themed Concert Review

Whoever had the “bright” idea to hold a concert paying tribute to some of the greatest anime themes of all time. With a string quartet. Under candlelight! GENIUS! Fever events did an amazing job at “lighting up” my Thursday night. Providing one of the more illuminating experiences I’ve had in quite some time. Everything about my time at BOK Bar was pleasant. The venue, the staff, the ambiance, the bar. Chef’s kiss! Not just the bar, the whole thing in its totality was chef’s kiss. But there’s nothing like a warm whisky on a cold night am I right? Kids ask your parents lol. All in all, I give the night as a whole a string quartet out of 4 stars.

Speaking of string quartets. The Listeso String Quartet was phenomenal! Their offstage friendship was the true spark of the event. It amplified their on-stage chemistry and presence in the best way. You can tell that these 4 gents really enjoy one another’s company. A cool aside that was brought up was that they were the first show in the US to perform in front of a live audience after the lockdown happened. Fitting, given the jaw-dropping esthetic that was hundreds of candles used to light the auditorium. A beautiful metaphor for lighting up the darkness that has been the pandemic era.

If I’m to call their friendship the true spark. Then I have to call their musical skill the gasoline. Them boys can shred! Fans of anime can attest that most of our favorite theme songs consist of a full band as the norm. With a lot of electric guitar. But for them to capture the FULL essence of anime bangers such as; Case closed, Attack on Titan, and Dragon ball with just a string section. Mind-blowing. I cannot sing(or play) the praises of the group enough. And bravo to Fever Events to organizing all this and offering a wide verity of genres for you to enjoy the candlelight series. Don’t just take my word for it…

There is ONE MORE SHOWING Friday, February 11th! Get your tickets now!

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