9 Star Wars Films in Development According to Star Wars Voice Actor

At a panel during the All Star Comic Con in Tysons, VA, voice actor Tom Kane casually mentioned that there were “9 Star Wars films in development.” Though he did say that none of them were a Yoda prequel film.

Tom Kane is a talented voice actor who has voiced many Star Wars characters, including Yoda in The Clone Wars and Ackbar in Episode VIII.

In Development

While the internet is abuzz over the 9 films, let’s understand what this statement actually means. “In development” can mean a script or plot outline is being written, concept drawings are being created, or ideas are being pitched. Most of them might not even have a cast. We could be years away from seeing any of these projects. Referring to films doesn’t necessitate they all be live action or released in theaters. We did have an animated Clone Wars movie before the series. And after the less than stellar (pardon the pun) performance of Solo: A Star Wars Story, some of these projects may be reconsidered or modified.

See the full panel from All Star Comic Con here:

A Yoda Movie There Is Not

Tom Kane also stated that, to his knowledge, a Yoda prequel movie is not in the works. He stated the opinion that the popularity of Yoda is owed, to some extent, to the mystery surrounding the character. To show a “pimply faced Yoda” would dispel much of that. However, this news is also “to his knowledge.” There could be plans for a Yoda movie of which he is not aware, though personally I agree that making such a movie would not be the best idea.

Speculation Abounds

So at this point, Tom Kane’s words have just spurred another round of speculation. Until there are more details, who knows what we’ll see. But since it is fun to speculate, let us know what Star Wars films you’d like to see.

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Check out our interview with Tom Kane here.

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