8 Vampire Manga to Read Before October Ends

Before we begin this article, I would like to inform readers that some of these titles are rated M for Mature. Please only read these titles if you are of age.

Vampires have always been the most irresistible kind of monster to me. They’re immortal, inhumanely strong, and always ethereal. There’s also just something so sexy about the idea of literally putting your life in their hands and letting them drink from your neck (looking at you, Queen of the Damned.) If you’re searching for some manga about vampires to get in the mood for Halloween, you’ve come to the right place.

Rosen Blood by Kachiru Ishizue

Four beautiful men in a pristine, historic mansion, fawning over a captivating woman they have hired to be their live-in maid. But why is there a moaning trunk in the storehouse? How did they make the human-like sculptures in the garden seem so real? And what is the mystery surrounding the circumstances of Stella’s arrival at their home? Rosen Blood has everything you could want from a manga about vampires. The art is insanely gorgeous, there are many secrets to uncover, and the premise of the plot holds a unique take on the nature of vampires that stands out amongst the rest. Not to mention that the main love interest, Levi, is to die for (haha). Rosen Blood is the first series by Kachiru Ishizue to be published in English. Currently, there are four volumes released in English, and five in Japanese. The fifth volume will conclude the series.

FANGS by Billy Balibally (RATED M)

When En awoke as the lone survivor of a vampire assault, his world came crumbling down. The organization FANGS established his care and well-being as a newly transformed vampire, thrusting him under the wing of attractive Ichii. Due to the nature of vampires in this world, FANGS created a pairing system where each vampire must have a partner. Stressed about the flurry of changes and new situations he’s been forced into, En panics and chooses Ichii as his mate. Now the two must navigate their tangling lives into one while trying to learn the truth about one another. Although I have yet to have the time to read the second volume, the first volume was so great that I bought the second as soon as it was released. The art style is captivating, and the two main characters are both extremely handsome and easy to love. This is a great mature Boys Love series that has supporting characters you’ll want to hold and protect and a plot that keeps you hooked. So far, there are only two volumes released, and there is no known information on the number of volumes there will be.

Vampire Dormitory by Ema Toyama

Growing up on the streets with no place to call home since middle school, young girl Mito has been forced to hide her gender to remain safe. Despite her hopeless existence, she comes face to face with death, only to be whisked away by a stunning vampire named Ruka. Under the impression that Mito is a boy, he extends a proposal she can’t refuse. If she becomes his dutiful thrall, Mito can find a haven with him. There’s just one catch: it’s in the boys’ dorms. How long can Mito conceal the secret of her gender while trapped living with her doting vampire? Every chapter brings the pair closer to discovering the truth about Mito in this sweet, supernatural romance. Readers will easily fall into the story and grow attached to the characters. This series is ongoing, with the most recent volume number nine being released in eBook format.

The Case Study of Vanitas by Jun Mochizuki

Set in the steampunk world of Paris, vampire society is currently crumbling at the seams due to an illness that causes vampires to go berserk. A divine man by the name of Vanitas claims to be a vampire doctor and promises to save the vampires to spite his creator. He teams up with a handsome bloodsucker named Noé to try and eradicate the illness plaguing the vampires, while they hunt him down believing him to be the cause. Another tantalizing vampire manga with a lot of sexual tension and beautiful characters, this series is absolutely worth a read. The vast array of characters will leave you desperate to know more. There are currently ten volumes, and although the series is ongoing, it is on hiatus as of June 2022.

He’s My Only Vampire by Aya Shouoto

We meet our heroine in typical Shoujo fashion, helping others at her high school and joking with her friend. One fateful afternoon, she happens across a figure that looks just like her childhood companion Aki. As she chases him down, destiny takes hold, and a terrible accident unfurls. On the brink of death, she succumbs to the will of a vampire, who turns her to rescue her from the claws of the reaper. In return, she must sacrifice all of herself, body and mind, to Aki as his thrall while he pursues his quest of obtaining all of the Stigmas. Though not my favorite series from this list, it is lighthearted and entertaining enough for me to keep reading it. The art style is enchanting and works well with the plotline. Volume 10 appears to be the final book in the series.

Vassalord by Nanae Chrono

How is Charley meant to serve his vampire master Johnny, when Charley is both a cyborg vampire and a vampire killer? A slow-burn love story between two men, this series is dark and seductive without being too mature. The relationship between the two main characters is complex and filled with both love and hate, due to their polar opposite natures which makes communication near impossible. Over time, they learn to trust one another, their feelings morphing over the years into romance. It is a heartwarming story with a unique plotline, reminiscent of Trinity Blood. This series concluded in 2013 with seven volumes.

Devil’s Line by Ryo Hanada

Although this manga is rated for readers 13 to 17, I highly recommend this for older teens and up, as this story does have a large sexual component to the story. In this world, vampires’ uncontrollable thirst for blood goes hand in hand with their physical lust. College student Tsukasa knows nothing of the existence of vampires, known as devils, until one night she is nearly devoured by one. The man who saved her reveals himself to be Anzai, a half-devil and member of a police force specifically for crimes involving devils. Their fates quickly become intertwined, and there is an irrefutable desire looming between them. Although Devil’s Line is pretty dark, and gory at times, the love shared between the two main characters was so charming. This series ended in 2018 with thirteen volumes for the main story, and an additional short story volume. There is a sequel series that was recently announced by Kodansha Publishing titled Devils’ Line II: Gyakushū (Counterattack), but it is currently only in Japanese.

Bloody Mary by Akaza Samamiya

After spending countless days and nights walking the earth alone, vampire Mary is ready to end his immortal suffering. Unfortunately for him, he is not your typical vampire, and there is only one way for him to die. His fate lies in the hands of Maria, a seventeen-year-old girl who has yet to learn how to wield her priestess powers to kill vampires. Out of options or a will to live, Mary makes a pact with Maria. He will be her bodyguard until she can finally figure out how to end his life. There is humor and action painted between all the darkness of this Shoujo series that will leave readers satisfied. There are ten volumes in total.

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