7 Restaurants to Visit For A Fandom Themed Experience

Are you hungry? When you go out to eat with friends and family, sometimes you like to explore new restaurants. What better way to lose yourself in nostalgia or experience your favorite films and TV in real life while eating good food! Here are seven different fandom-themed restaurants to choose from to visit for good food and a fun dining experience.

Haunted House Restaurant

Do you like all things spooky? Or things that go bump in the night? Try the Haunted House Restaurant located in Columbus, Ohio. This spooky eatery pays homage to a multitude of Horror films from the décor down to the food. The walls of the restaurant are lined with murals of notable feature films such as IT, Frankenstein, and more. The food is also themed with dishes such as Rosemary’s Platter and Children of the Street Corn. You’re definitely in for a spooky treat!

Hello Kitty Café

Kawaii lovers will have a field day at the ultra-cute Hello Kitty Café! With locations in Irvine (California) and Las Vegas (Nevada), this café offers the ultimate Sanrio experience. The café has a kawaii-style menu featuring freshly baked cookies, cakes, donuts, drinks, and lots of seasonal goodies. The pretty pink style décor is bright, making it a very colorful dining experience. You can also experience this café via its pop-up trucks that make stops around various cities in the United States.

Beetlehouse Restaurant

If you enjoy a dining experience that is strange and unusual then check out the Beetlehouse restaurant. This dark and lovely themed dining spot has a location in New York (NY) and Los Angeles (CA). This restaurant pays homage to the 80s classic film Beetlejuice and all things spooky. Every day is Halloween at Beetlehouse and this is reflected in its eerie and chic décor and its unique entertainment shows. The menu is full of specialty food items including the This is Halloween Cocktail and Edward Burger Hands!

Mad Hatter Bistro

Get “Curiouser and curiouser” with this quaint Alice in Wonderland-themed spot in Birmingham (Michigan). The Mad Hatter Bistro is a specialty Bistro, Bar, & Tea Room that offers a mix of classical dining favorites worldwide. The restaurant has two levels that offer guests the choice of dining in an Alice-themed room or a polished dining room that offers a view of cooking in their open kitchen. The food offerings such as the Mad Hatter Burger and drinks like Red Queen’s Cosmo are just some of the whimsical offerings you can try at this restaurant.

The Hobbit Café

Escape to a world of fantasy and go on an adventure at the Hobbit Café located in Houston (Texas). This café welcomes all of its guests to the shire full of food, mead, and good times. The restaurant has indoor and outdoor seating including a scenic patio. The décor encapsulates the Lord of the Rings atmosphere that will transport you to another time and place. The menu is full of tasty delights including Dragon Wings, Balrog Burger, and delicious sandwiches like Smaug’s Delight. Journey to the Hobbit Café for a true fantasy experience!

Jekyll & Hyde Club

Another spooky contender for horror-themed spots to visit is the Jekyll & Hyde Club. This restaurant has continuous live entertainment and spooky special effects every 10 minutes. Guests can enjoy a tasty meal while watching the creatures and memorabilia come to life around them. The décor is elegant and creepy filled with characters such as Tobias the Werewolf and the star of the show, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The menu includes 65 unique dishes as well as Create-Your-Own-Monster burgers. Jekyll & Hyde Club is sure to give guests a theatrical and delicious night out.

The Pandorica

Allons-y! Any Whovians out there may want to take a trip out to the East Coast to try out the Doctor Who-themed restaurant located in Beacon (New York. Pandorica is a restaurant filled with subtle show references with illustrations of the Tardis and characters paintings lining the walls of this eatery. The menu is full of many drinks and comfort food for guests to indulge in. Want something hearty? Then try the Thymey Wimey Beef Cottage Pie. Order the Fish Fingers and Custard meal for a more classic dish. There is something for every time traveler at this entertaining eatery.

Which restaurant would you dine at? What other themed fandom-themed restaurants would you like to see?

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