6 Fandom Podcasts to Listen to Anytime!

The fandom community continues to grow as its culture solidifies itself as pop culture. We at Fandom Spotlite are always sharing the latest news and the majority is about a new big-budget fandom film or tv series. The numbers don’t lie- it’s cool to be a nerd now. In the early years of fandom, nerds would physically meet up at conventions, comic book shops, and even after-school clubs to discuss their nerdom. Thanks to the assistance of modern-day advancements, nerds can talk shop globally thanks to podcasts. Think of them as self-produced radio talk shows. And, just like fandom, podcasts have become part of pop culture. Heck, even I have a podcast. 

Today, I would like to put 6 fandom podcasts on your radar! These podcasts are informative, funny, entertaining, and can be listened to at any time.

For Nerds By Nerds Podcast 

Do you love comics, movies, video games, horror, and everything in between? Then the For Nerds By Nerds Podcast is perfect for you.  Every week your hosts Josh and Ben will bring you all of your nerdy needs. Movie commentaries, trailer breakdowns, versus, news, and all sorts of conversation pieces about nerdy stuff. Josh and Ben are hilarious, and their love for fandom is sincere. It is easy for anyone to start a pop culture podcast! The easiest way to get a MeUndies Sponsorship. But, the pair of nerds are truly in it for the love of all things nerdy.

Girls Talk Comics 

No photo description available.Allow me to introduce to you, Girls Talk Comics. This podcast is for lady-type comic lovers who are here to talk about their favorite books and reads we recommend! Jessica & Erin refer to themselves as “Your Master of Mediocrity and Lt. of Literature.” These ladies really know their stuff! They go into deep dives for the more advanced reader and break things down for the casual fan. Whenever they go off-topic, which is often, it is sure to bring you a laugh!

Memory Card Show 

ImageVideo Games may still feel kind of new. After all, they are constantly evolving! Memory Card is a podcast and online archive focused on video game history. The show was conceived by Ben Bertoli and PushDustIn in the spring of 2019. In the fall of that same year, the first eight episodes of Memory Card premiered. The show grew into a full-fledged site in November of 2019. Listening to this podcast is like taking a stroll through video game memory lane! The hosts have great chemistry and their knowledge of all things Nintendo is impressive.

Nerd In Texas Podcast 

May be an image of sunglasses and textWe often think of podcasts as a large production with multiple hosts. The Nerd in Texas Podcast is a one-woman show sharing her love of all things fandom! Host Shanel discusses Movies, TV, Books, a few video games, and a sprinkle of comedy.  Shanel described NITP as “a tiny podcast with a big heart.” Which makes sense, when you consider that everything is bigger in Texas. Even the podcasts! Shanel makes everything approachable and removes the stigma that nerds are these uptight gatekeepers. The Nerd in Texas Podcast is an easy listen during a workday or chill Sunday afternoon.


No photo description available.If you want to describe this podcast simply, BlerdUp presents nerd culture from a BPOV – a Black point of view. However, this podcast is far from simple! It’s probably the funniest and most entertaining podcast out currently. The BlerdUp crew reviews film and tv shows. They also discuss video games, anime, and the latest in pop culture news. You’ll come for the exemplary nerdiness but stay for the hot takes. Oh, and their Facebook page is a treasure trove of memes, music, and news.

Sonic Podcast Adventure 

ImageI’m sure many of us would admit that there is one particular fandom we love above all others. For me, it’s the Green Lantern comics. Sometimes you love something so much you dedicate an entire podcast to it! Which is cheaper than getting a $900 tattoo. Christian and Sean are big fans of Sonic the Hedgehog — REALLY big fans, which is why they’ve tasked themselves with discussing every entry, aspect, character, piece, and minute detail of Sega’s mascot franchise (with the frequent help of guests). Sean and Christian help listeners get to know the blue speedster on a deeper level. And by deeper, we mean his love for Chili dogs and his inability to swim. You’ll find yourself binge listening to the Sonic Adventure Podcast and before you know it, you’ll be just as obsessed with the fast hedgehog too.

These are just 6 fandom podcasts that are currently on our radar; which ones are on yours? Share your recommendations with us and maybe you’ll see them in a future article!

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