6 Exciting Webtoon adaptations To Keep On Your Radar

Webtoons continue to increase in popularity as they trend worldwide. With new stories being published weekly it’s no surprise there are more adaptations being released.  As more webtoon snag adaptation deals, we can look forward to more shows and movies hitting the screens this year. Here is the latest roundup of some webtoons set for their adaptations to be released in late 2022 and in 2023.

Sacred Divorce

The drama series is based on the webtoon Shinsunghan, Yihon by Kang Tae-Kyung, and directed by Lee Jae-Hoon who worked on the 2022 series, Run On. In Sacred Divorce, Shin Sung-Han majored in piano and became a professor at a music university in Germany. When Shin Sung-Han hears shocking news he travels back to South Korea and works on becoming a lawyer. Because of his childhood, Shin Sung-Han decides to specialize in divorce law. He faces his clients from various backgrounds trying to help them while seeking out the truth. Cho Seung-Woo (Sisyphus: The Myth, Stranger) will star in the role of Shin Sung-Han. Sacred Divorce will air sometime during the first half of 2023 in South Korea.

Duty After School

Fans of the zombie survival series All Of Us Are Dead may want to tune into the webtoon adaptation Duty After School when it premieres on TVING in 2022. The series is a science fiction thriller about students across the country fighting against unidentified objects ahead of the CSAT for extra points. Instead of zombies though, the students must fight against mysterious purple slime-like objects while going through formal military training to help them stay alive in the event of an attack. The series will star Lim Se-mi who also recently starred in the webtoon adaptation of True Beauty. She will play the role of Park Eun-yeong, a teacher who urges students to go to war. Additionally, the show will newbie actors Shin Hyun-Soo, Hwang Se-In, and Ahn Do-Kyu, who will play the main characters.


Kakao TV is bringing yet another new web drama called Aquaman in Summer 2022. Starring K-Pop singer Hongseok from the group Pentagon. This will and will be the first show starring Hongseok in the lead role after he also appeared on the 2021 K-dramas Blue Birthday and Shadow Beauty. This 12-episode web drama based on the comic of the same name follows the life of twenty-something Naru as he navigates through the world of modern dating. He’s faced with familiar awkward dating moments and challenges. But the twist? He’s never dated, doesn’t use a cellphone, and most importantly, someone’s set to sabotage his dating life.

Unlock The Boss

Adapted from the webtoon Unlock the Boss by Park Seong Hyun which garnered a lot of attention online the webtoon will be produced by KT Studio Genie. During the adaptation process, a co-writer from Netflix’s Sweet Home series collaborated on a script for the series but no release date has been given yet. The story follows the main character, Park In Seong, a young man who picks up a mysterious smartphone and it soon changes his life. In Seong soon finds out that a boss is trapped inside the phone and he has to work to save Kim Seon Joo, the president while confronting danger. This fast-paced thriller will star Chae Jong-Hyeop in the role of Park In Seong (Sh**ting Stars, Nevertheless).

See You in My 19th Life

Based on a popular Romance Naver webtoon called Please Take Care of Me in This Life As Well this drama adaptation is set to release sometime in 2022. The series is about a woman named Jieum Ban who has an extraordinary ability to remember the memories of all her past lives. After her previous life is cut short by a tragic accident, she sets out to reconnect with the people of her past life in her current one. In her 19th life, she is determined to reunite with a man from her 18th life even after realizing that her greatest rival is Yun Ju Won, herself in her previous life. What will happen next? This drama will star Shin HaeSun (Mr. Queen, Still 17) and Ahn BoHyun (Undercover, Yumi’s Cells) is currently in talks to play the lead roles. Lee NaJung who also worked on the popular drama Fight For My Way will be directing this webtoon adaption.

Joseon’s Ban on Marriage/ The Forbidden Marriage

For those that enjoy period dramas, MBC’s upcoming historical romance drama, Joseon’s Ban on Marriage should be on your radar. K-Pop singer, actress, and former IZ*ONE member Kim Min Ju has been offered a role in this series that is expected to air on MBC later in 2022. Currently, Park Ju-Hyun (Love All Play), Kim Young-Dae (Sh**ting Stars), and Kim Woo-Seok (Military Prosecutor Doberman) have confirmed roles in the drama.

In this story, Lee Heon is the king of Joseon. Years prior when he was a crown prince, his wife died and he has not been able to get over her death. The royal family and government members have tried to get King Lee Heon remarried to no success. The government implemented a ban on all single women marrying during this time when the king had not married.  One day, King Lee Heon hears of a woman named Ye So Rang, who claims the spirit of the king’s late wife exists within the royal palace. When Ye So Rang is brought in front of the king she must survive by acting like her body is possessed by the king’s late wife. But how long can she keep up the lies?

What other webtoons would you like to see as a future adaptation? Let us know!

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