5 Podcasts to Listen to After Archive 81

So, you watched all of Archive 81, got really into it, and then you binged the whole podcast. You can’t stop thinking about it and you want more. The epic highs and lows of horror podcasting has taken you over but you don’t know what to listen to next. Maybe these other archival horror or spooky town vibe podcasts can scratch your new itch.

Netflix's Archive 81

1. The Magnus Archives – This one is a no-brainer. The narrator Jonathan Sims is an archivist recording records of people who stumble into strange situations. The series unfolds slowly into a whole web of secrets and lies that expands into an expansive and unforgettable universe. With 200 episodes of story and bonus content, TMA is the perfect follow-up to your Archive 81 listen.

2. & 3. The Black Tapes and TANIS – Two from the price of one. As a stand-alone, Black Tapes is a banger of a series. Another episodic podcast that pieces together a mystery through people’s accounts, the story follows a journalist and the paranormal investigator she is shadowing. One-half skeptic becomes believer story, and one-half mystery, this short listen has lasting power for any podcast fan. Its follow-up, TANIS, exists in the same universe, with some similar faces. On the quest to find a mysterious forgotten city, there is more to this story than just a treasure hunt.

4. Limetown – My personal favorite of the bunch, Limetown follows a reporter attempting to get the answers about a town that vanished. Following the threads of mysterious phone calls, newspaper clippings, and hushed whispers of telepathy, Limetown is suspenseful and surprisingly melancholy. It’s a quick listen, but if your ears are getting tired, there is also a series starring Stanley Tucci and Jessica Biel on Facebook Watch, too!

5. Unwell: A Midwestern Gothic Mystery – This one may be a little goofy but at least the scene is a little different from the others. After her mother finds herself on crutches, Lillian Harper must return to the town she spent her childhood summers in. Mt. Absalom, Ohio is isolated and a little creepy, but the cast of characters makes it fun. Slowly find out the town’s secrets with Lily in this ongoing gothic with season finales that have you begging for more.


Did you see your favorite podcast on here? How are you feeling after that Archive 81 finale? All podcasts mentioned above are available on all major podcast listening platforms.

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