5 Manga for Spring

Spring is here! The weather is getting warmer, the flowers are blossoming, the sun is up more than five hours a day, and it feels great! This season is all about rebirth, growth, and starting fresh. It’s the perfect time to check out a new manga! Here are some of my favorites to get you in the mood.

The Town You Live In, Star Fruit Books

Silver Spoon – Controversial opinion but, I think Silver Spoon is better than Fullmetal Alchemist. The series ties up neater, the art is just as polished if not even more, and Hiromu Arakawa’s humor shines even brighter in this series. Despite knowing nothing about farming, Yuugo Hachiken finds himself enrolled in an agricultural high school. He learns how to make pizza, horseback ride, and groom cows. Silver Spoon is a series about growing up, becoming a better person, and building a community. It’s a great long read for the season.

Girls’ Last TourGirls’ Last Tour may be a little chilly in setting, but I feel like it’s great for spring. Possibly two of the last few people on Earth, Yuuri and Chito quietly roam the labyrinth of buildings and machines they live in. They hunt for food, attempt to piece together information about what happen, and come to terms with their lives. There’s a quiet beauty in all of this and it feels like the perfect reminder that winter is coming to an end.

Ran and the Grey World – What happens when a young witch can explore the world unsupervised? Mixing the modern world and a magical universe, Ran and the Grey World focuses on a ten year old who has magic sneakers that lets her turn into an adult.  If that concept doesn’t weird you out, the art is a breath of fresh air; a perfect shot of growth and self-discovery. It’s the perfect visual feast for spring!

The Town You Live In – Though set in summer, The Town You Live In is a one shot that filled me with such joy! Three short stories about a town in the summer, this quick read will put you in a great mood and make you feel at ease. The art is simple, yet colorful and it reminds me of the days where I used to read webcomics all day. It’s fresh and quick, and a great way to read a new manga without the commitment of buying a volume in hard copy!

Blue Period – I have never seen passion so beautifully displayed as Blue Period does. After becoming enamored with a painting in the art classroom, Yatora Yaguchi instantly becomes an art student. He builds his skills and pushes himself to become a painter. Blue Period reminds everybody to work on what they love. When I read it, it makes me want to make art, to write, to celebrate what I love. I feel like this feeling perfectly encapsulates what spring is all about.


What’s your favorite manga that reminds you of spring? Do you return to one piece of media over and over again each year? Sound off in the comments, I’d love to know!

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