Hazbin Hotel Release Pushed to January 2024

Last October, the official Twitter account for the upcoming adult cartoon Hazbin Hotel announced that the A24 series would premiere in the summer of 2023. However, the first day of autumn 2023 has come and gone with no sign of the show’s debut. Fans were confused and disappointed to find that the series missed its promised airing window, especially since neither creator Vivienne Medrano nor the Hazbin Hotel Twitter account said anything about a delay. Now, however, we have a new timeline for the premiere.

This past Thursday, a short promotional video revealed that Hazbin Hotel will be coming to Prime Video in January 2024.  The video also announced that the series has already been renewed for a season 2 despite the first season not being out yet. It remains to be seen whether A24 and Prime Video actually fulfill this new promise, or if season 1 will be pushed back even further.

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