Estella Scrooge: A Christmas Carol With A Twist

We all know the story of Ebenezer Scrooge, Bob Cratchit, and many other beloved characters from A Christmas Carol. But what makes. Estella Scrooge: A Christmas Carol With A Twist stand out from other iterations in the modern approach it takes following the descendants from Dickens’ beloved tale while paying homage to the classic in this updated story.

During what could be described as the best of times, and worst of times in recent history thanks to the current pandemic, a film company, and theatre artists came together to tell a story of the Christmas classic by Charles Dickens. In a time filled with so much uncertainty Estella Scrooge: A Christmas Carol With A Twist was both rehearsed and filmed in an unprecedented way – One day at a time, one scene at a time, one actor at a time. Under strict Covid restrictions, and with the kindly participation of the spirit of Charles Dickens.

The official synopsis: Estella Scrooge is a young Wall Street tycoon with a penchant for foreclosing. A hotelier in her hometown of Pickwick, Ohio, has defaulted on his mortgage, and Estella fancies the idea of lowering the boom personally. Arriving at Harthouse on Christmas Eve, Estella discovers that the defaulting party is her childhood sweetheart, Pip Nickleby. A good and generous soul, Pip has transformed the property into a refuge for the sick, dispossessed, and homeless. A freak snowstorm forces Estella to take refuge. That night, just as it happened to her ancestor Ebenezer, she is haunted by three visitations.

As a viewer, I enjoyed the modern take on this classic story.  I admit that I am usually skeptical when it comes to a story that I love being retold – But Estella Scrooge won me over quickly.  I appreciated how this film had all of the heart of the Charles Dickens classic but did not make me feel as though I was watching A Christmas Carol for the millionth time.  This iteration tells the story of love, and family, and shows us that it can be found even in unconventional ways.

As a fan of Broadway, I enjoyed the variety of songs to listen to. I was immediately transported into this world and was here for the story that this cast was wanting to tell. Each number was different yet lent itself to the story, and stayed true to the character. Estella Scrooge: A Christmas Carol With A Twist delivers viewers a well-balanced range of musical numbers that will surely become your next earworm, along with ballads that will make you feel the magic of the holiday season! All while telling the classic story in the modern-day!

Watch the trailer here:

Bring Broadway into your home this holiday season with this updated story! With a book by Tony-winning director John Caird (Les Misérables, Nicholas Nickelby) and music and lyrics by Tony nominee Paul Gordon (Tony-nominated for 2001’s Jane Eyre). In addition to giving the story a modern vibe, while incorporating characters and storylines from other works from Charles Dickens including Great ExpectationsLittle DorrittBleak House, and more.

The musical stars Betsy Wolfe (Waitress) in the title role, with Clifton Duncan (The Play That Goes Wrong) co-stars as her childhood sweetheart Philip “Pip” Nickleby. The film also features Lauren Patten (Jagged Little Pill) as Dawkins, Patrick Page (Hadestown) as Mr. Merdle, Carolee Carmello (Parade) as Marla Havisham, and Danny Burstein (Moulin Rouge!) as Ebenezer Scrooge.

The cast also includes  Megan McGinnis (Little Women) as Betty Cratchit, Adam Halpin (Dear Evan Hansen) as Bob Cratchit, Sarah Litzsinger (Beauty and the Beast) as Sissy Jupe, Tom Nelis (The Visit) as Dedlock, Em Grosland (Emotional Creature) as Smike, Phoenix Best (Dear Evan Hansen) as Charity & Mercy, David Bryant (Original Marius in Broadway’s Les Misérables) as Mr. Podsnap, Gabrielle Reid (Beautiful: The Carol King Musical) as Mrs. Pumblechook, Samuel Lee Roberts (Radio City Music Hall’s Christmas Spectacular) as Mr. Flopson, Michael Francis McBride (Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater) as Mr. Dombey, Michele Lee (Nutcracker Rouge) as Mrs. Noggs, Kristen Faith Oei (The King and I) as Ms. Skiffins, Meg Gibson (The Gabriels) as Molly, William Youmans (Wicked) as Magwitch & Bagstock, Kevyn Morrow (Moulin Rouge!) as Jasper Jaggers, Joziyah Jean-Felix (The Lion King) as Young Pip, Brooklyn Shuck (“Evil”) as Young Essy and Willow McCarthy (The Ferryman) as Tiny Tammy.

Whether you are a fan of A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens, Broadway, or just looking for a film that will make you feel good this holiday season.  Estella Scrooge is a musical that the entire family can enjoy!

Make Estella Scrooge a part of your holiday tradition today! Watch  it now at:

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