5 Rogues Gallery Characters For ‘The Batman 2’

Matt Reeves vision for The Batman has proven to be a very successful one, delivering a strong box office return as well as praise from fans and critics alike.  Given its success, a sequel was always on the cards and it didn’t take long for fans to start debating about what they want to see next.

Favouring a more grounded take on the iconic character, and the world around him, Reeves has spoken openly about his desire to work through Batman’s Rogues Gallery and find ways to take fantastical characters and shape them into his grittier take. In the first outing, The Riddler, Penguin, and Catwoman were all given their chance to shine, but the question begs: who could we see in Chapter 2? 

With an extensive Rogues Gallery to choose from, there are many possibilities, but here, we’ll take a look a 5 characters that could work in The Batman 2. 

The Scarecrow
'Gotham': Scarecrow, Gerald Crane Explainer

Even though the character was used somewhat recently in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy, The Scarecrow is tailor-made for another appearance in Reeves’ BatVerse. After the events of The Batman, it’s very likely that Gotham’s seedy underworld is going to descend further into chaos, offering the perfect opportunity for Scarecrow to strike. Reeves could utilize the character to install more terror into this world, and the use of Scarecrow’s infamous fear toxin could provide Chapter 2 with some serious horror vibes.

Basil Karlo

Granted, some of the character’s more iconic abilities like shape-shifting into different forms don’t fit into the world Reeves is building, but earlier versions of Clayface present the filmmaker with a perfect opportunity to introduce audiences to a compelling new villain. In his earliest depiction, Clayface (or Basil Karlo – as he was known) was an actor who turned to the dark side after hearing he wouldn’t be reprising a starring role in a classic horror movie. Descending into madness, Karlo would utilize body prosthetics to mold himself into Clayface and exact bloody revenge on those who did him wrong. Given Reeves’ background in the horror genre, this storyline could be used or adapted in one form or another to deliver us an iconic horror character for the ages and give the world of Gotham its very own Boogeyman. 

Poison Ivy

Although the character has been used in other Batman properties, most notably the Arkham gaming series, Poison Ivy hasn’t been seen on the big screen since Uma Thurman took on the role in Joel Schumacher’s highly criticized Batman & Robin. But now is the perfect chance to redefine the character into a dangerous and alluring new foe for Mr. Vengeance himself. Ivy’s previous depictions have been more outlandish, but the character’s reverence for plant life could easily be adapted into a more serious tone. Using toxins to create chemical threats could be one way the film crafts this version of Ivy, whilst her alluring charm and seductive nature could present Chapter 2 with a strong femme fatale ready to strike.

Batman: Hush Reading Order

Matt Reeves has spoken openly about his liking of the Hush character, and The Batman itself strongly hinted that an appearance could be in the making. A childhood friend of Bruce Wayne, Thomas Elliot grew up in the same circles of affluence and power but wanted it all for himself. His hatred and greed fueled his transformation into ‘Hush’, who would then orchestrate the murders of his parents and put a target straight on the back of Wayne. This tale could allow Chapter 2 to delve further into Robert Pattinson’s version of Bruce Wayne – something largely relegated in The Batman – and explore the deep-routed corruption of Gotham’s most influential families.

Mr. Freeze
'The Batman' and the Reinvention of Mr. Freeze I Comics Watch

Last seen played by Arnold Schwarzenneger in the aforementioned Batman & Robin, Mr. Freeze has largely been considered a comedic villain, but the character’s tragic backstory has much more to be explored. A cryogenics scientist struggling with the trauma of losing his wife, Freeze could be reenvisioned under the guise of Reeves, who has previously stated that he believes there is a grounded version to his story. Themes of loss and trauma also resonate within Bruce Wayne, so a storyline focused on the two characters could offer up a very interesting dynamic.

So, there are 5 Rogues Gallery Characters we think could work in The Batman 2. Do you agree with any of them?  Who would you like to see make an appearance in the next chapter? Let us know in the comments section below.

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